Difference Between Dentists & Orthodontists

Dentists & Orthodontists: What’s The Difference? 

When it comes to helping you keep your oral health as good as it can get, other than keeping a great oral hygiene routine, the job falls to two highly trained professionals: dentists and orthodontists. But beyond making sure that smile of yours stays healthy, what’s the real difference between the two? Often times, you can find dentists that offer orthodontic treatment to their patients, so some wonder if they are the same thing. As your local orthodontic experts here in Irving, TX, our team here at Travers Orthodontics are here to clear up this mystery once and for all. So what’s the difference between dentists and orthodontists?

Every Orthodontist Is A Dentist, But Not The Other Way Around

You read that right. Every orthodontist out there is a dentist. This is because the field of orthodontics is actually a specialty of dentistry that a dentist can choose to pursue. While dentistry focuses on maintaining oral health in general, orthodontics focuses in on the specific issues pertaining to bite problems like misaligned teeth or jaw and providing treatment to correct them. To specialize in the field of orthodontics, one must first become a dentist, like a step one and then step two. One can choose to stay as a dentist, but that means that they are not qualified when it comes to offering orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign. 

Orthodontics Requires Years Of Extra Education

To become a dentist, you need to complete the rigors of dental school before you can become a practicing professional, but for orthodontists, the road is even longer. Before you can call yourself a professional orthodontist, you need to take courses that train you on how to diagnose bite issues, as well as perform orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign with the utmost precision. Once you complete this stage, you earn the title of orthodontist. 

Who Do You Choose For Treatment? 

When you’re searching for either dental or orthodontic treatment, it’s always in your best interest to seek out the person that is the most qualified to provide you with the care that you deserve. Even if you see your local dentist offering treatment such as braces or Invisalign, a professional orthodontist like Dr. Travers has the education, training, and experience necessary to give you the best result, which will always be a healthy and radiant smile.

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