Habits to Teach Your Kids About Dental Hygiene

At Travers Orthodontics in Irving, TX and Coppell, TX, Dr. Kimberly H. Travers and our staff know just how important it is to properly teach your children about maintaining a properly clean mouth. Quality time spent on good dental hygiene is crucial to preventing cavities from forming, as well as avoiding a wide array of diseases that can be triggered by letting your children neglect their teeth and gums!

Establishing fun, engaging dental hygiene routines for your children can help them stay excited about proper oral care. Your Irving, TX orthodontic experts have found four different techniques you can use in your daily routine to teach your kids how to take care of their pearly whites. Your children will not only grow up with beautiful smiles, but they also will gain healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

Lead By Example

A simple way to make your children intrigued in dental hygiene is simply to brush and floss together. Young children love to mimic exactly what their parents do, so show your kids first hand how excellent your brushing technique is, including your great tongue scrubbing skills.

After brushing, make sure to floss your child’s teeth or help teach them to properly floss if they are old enough to do it on their own. Purchasing floss picks can help, as they are much easier to use than standard waxed floss in string form. To give dental hygiene routine a little extra pizazz, make up a rhyme about keeping teeth clean or sing a fun song!

Getting Your Children Special Toothbrushes

Another easy way to get your children involved with proper dental hygiene is getting them their favorite toothbrush. When it is time to replace their old toothbrushes with a new one, opt for colorful, soft-bristled brushes, or one with your child’s favorite cartoon character or animal on it.

Buy Your Children A Plastic Hourglass

The American Dental Association advocates for your children to brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. How can you be sure that your kids are brushing for long enough? Use a two minute sand hourglass! Let your child flip over their brightly colored plastic hourglass and then start brushing. They’ll love watching the sand trickle down slowly!

Establishing A Reward System

To make brushing twice a day and flossing something your children look forward to, create your own gold star reward system. You and your children can decorate a poster with teeth, toothbrushes, healthy snacks and other oral hygiene themes to represent the days of each week and month. Give your child a sticker to put on the poster every time they brush and floss!

Feed Your Children Teeth-Friendly Foods

Thanks to Mother Nature, there’s a ton of organic foods that will naturally do wonders for your children’s smiles! Several foods, such as raw vegetables and fresh fruits, contain key ingredients that will protect their teeth from decay and fight off bacteria and plaque. From raw broccoli to delicious strawberries, nutrient rich ingredients and meals are key for your children to maintain healthy mouths.

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Teaching young children about the importance of dental hygiene is easier than ever! By establishing fun, yet captivating oral care routines every day for your children, you can rest assured that they will grow up with healthy smiles. For more information on tips and tricks to get your children interested in brushing and flossing, feel free to contact Travers Orthodontics today.