How Vaping Affects Your Oral Health

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At Travers Orthodontics, we take pride in creating healthy, beautiful smiles for patients of all ages. One of our passions is to help each patient learn how to care for their smile at home and in everyday life. We believe that everyone deserves a smile that they are proud to show off for years to come. That’s why we provide education on healthy habits and practical tools to keep your teeth and gums in top shape. Keep reading to learn how vaping affects your oral health.

A Dangerous Trend

We all know that smoking can have negative effects on our bodies, and our mouths. Nicotine can cause gum disease and tooth loss over time due to its dangerous effects on gum tissue. With this in mind, many smokers have turned to vaping as a healthier alternative and an aid to help them quit smoking. In the past few years, the vape trend has increased in popularity among non-smokers as well, especially young adults. This is due in part to marketing tactics that appeal to young populations with the promise of unique and exciting flavors, as well as a harmless alternative to traditional and harmful smoking.

Toxic Ingredients of E-Cigarettes

However, the truth is that vaping is not harmless. While the percentage of nicotine in e-cigarettes is much lower than traditional tobacco products, (0.3-1.8), an in-depth report by the Perio-Implant Advisory states that “one electronic cartridge (200-400 puffs) can equal the smoking of two to three packs of regular cigarettes.” E-cigarettes contain a cocktail of ingredients that can cause adverse effects on dental health. These include:

  • Propylene glycol—A sweet-tasting, colorless liquid containing a breakdown of ingredients that are toxic to enamel and tissue. When used orally, it causes tissue desiccation, leading to dry mouth, cavities, gum disease, and other issues.
  • Vegetable glycerin—A sweet, odorless and colorless liquid that, when combined with the flavorings of e-cigarettes, causes powerful bonding of cavity-causing bacteria to the teeth, leading to decay and damage.
  • Flavorings—The products used to flavor e-cigarettes and appeal to a variety of users combined with another main component called vegetable glycerin, increase the adhesion of bacteria and film to the teeth, causing major tooth decay.
  • Nicotine—The highly addictive stimulant used in tobacco and vape products. It affects gingival blood flow, reduces connective tissue turnover, and has other adverse effects on complex oral systems that ultimately lead to a much higher risk of gingivitis, gum disease, tooth decay and loss.
  • Lithium batteries—These batteries can overheat and explode due to misuse, improper charging, or other factors. They can cause burns, disfiguration, serious injury or death.

The Bottom Line

While vaping can seem like an appealing and non-dangerous way to relax or even, Travers Orthodontics believes that it’s just not worth the risk. There are too many ways to damage your smile and cause negative health conditions as a result. 

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