The Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

Adult Treatment With Irving Orthodontist

When most people think of braces, they think of teenagers and middle school. Braces for adults, however, are becoming an increasingly common orthodontic treatment. At Travers Orthodontics in Irving, our orthodontist offers a variety of adult orthodontic treatments. We understand that adults may be hesitant due to social and convenience factors. Our orthodontist will work with you to provide the most discreet and effective treatment possible, so you can work toward the smile of your dreams. 

Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

It’s never too late to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Many adults are self-conscious of their teeth and smile, but they are equally concerned about the appearance of braces at this stage of life. Adult orthodontic treatment offers several benefits that outweigh these potential concerns.

Improve Appearance Of Your Smile

Teeth can continue to shift throughout your life, due to both injury and natural growth. Even if you adhere to a meticulous retention plan after your initial braces treatment, injury could force you back into the orthodontic arena. Shifted teeth can result in unsightly gaps, crooked teeth, and unnatural-looking jaw alignment. In addition to correcting these orthodontic issues, adult treatment can actually improve the symmetry of your face. With the help of our Irving orthodontist, you can leave our office more confident in your smile and appearance than ever. 

Correct Teeth And Health Problems

In addition to altering your appearance, shifted teeth can cause difficulty during biting, chewing, and sleeping. If you have misaligned teeth, you may experience discomfort while eating, talking, or any other time throughout the day. Misalignment and gaps between the teeth can increase the buildup of plaque between the teeth, which increases the likelihood of cavities and bone loss. Adult braces can provide relief. Your Irving orthodontist will match you with the best treatment to correct your orthodontic issue, so you can enjoy your daily activities again. 

Discreet Adult Braces Are Available

The physical appearance of braces is one of the main holdups preventing adults from seeking orthodontic treatment to correct their smiles. Travers Orthodontics use the latest in orthodontic technology to provide you several discrete and effective options. We offer the following adult braces options…

  • Metal Braces The most traditional of the braces options, metal braces are a system of metal wires and brackets that work together to gradually shift your teeth. 
  • Clear Braces
    Clear braces function similarly to metal braces. The main difference is the material used to form the brackets; clear braces are made from ceramic or composite materials that are clear, making them a less noticeable adult braces option.
  • Invisalign
    Invisalign is a system involving a series of clear, plastic, removable aligners. As you wear the aligners, they gradually move your teeth into a better position for a straighter smile. Invisalign is essentially an invisible treatment option, making them highly popular with adult patients.
  • Damon® Self-Ligating Braces
    The Damon system is our “tie-less” braces option. Using both metal and clear material, it is an efficient and discrete method for correcting your smile.
  • SureSmile®
    SureSmile combines advanced computer technology with our orthodontic expertise. This technology allows us to move your teeth more precisely, reducing the total orthodontic treatment time significantly. That means, less time wearing braces. 

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